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National Park Plitvice Lakes


The main attractions of this park, unique in the world, are the 16 small lakes joined by waterfalls created by the sedimentation of travertine, a special type of limestone. The brown bear stands out as one of many protected animal species.

National Park Kornati

The Kornati archipelago consists of 140 uninhabited islands, islets and reefs comprising an area of only 70 km2. There are those who claim that the number of the smaller islands is even greater, since an old saying says: “As is the number of days in a year, so is the number of the Kornati islands”.

National Park Krka


The largest part of this amazing river’s course is the national park, which in addition to its natural phenomena abounds with cultural and historical monuments. However, the main attraction of Krka National Park lies in its seven waterfalls.

National Park Paklenica


The greatest natural jewel of the Zadar area is Paklenica National Park, which covers the most attractive parts of the southern Velebit, concentrated in a mere 96 km2. Its most striking features are two forbidding gorges - Velika and Mala Paklenica. The park abounds with peculiar karstic forms, caves and other natural features, while due to its climate conditions, lush variety of flora and fauna has been preserved.

Historical Cities

Zadar - Sibenik - Trogir - Split - Dubrovnik


Five of the largest cities on the Dalmatian coast. You will fall in love with every single! Discover also the traditional Dalmatian villages!

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