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Boat Rentals


Croatia is considered as a top nautical destination with one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world.


The Adriatic coast, very picturesque and cut, is 1777 km long , but with its 1,244 islands and islets , it has more than 5800 km in length. The coast is rich in many natural beauties , reefs, rocks , islands, hidden bays and picturesque while in hinterland you will be seduced by greenery, Mediterranean plants , olive trees and vineyards, beaches and lavender pines.


Marinas and small ports have moorings insured , and the many restaurants offer exquisite gastronomic delights of the region.


Thus, the best way to discover the best of Croatia is to rent a sailboat or motorboat. The coastline and numerous islands are full of picturesque places where time has stopped and you see the Mediterranean in the past.

From Dubrovnik to Istria, there are many interesting places to visit and to taste gastronomic delights.


You'll want to go back next year!

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